We stock a range of natural tasty treats in the shop, from tiny sausage pieces to big beef knees there's sure to be something your pooch will love.
Veal strips
Strips of British veal slow roasted for optimum flavour.

Roast beef chews
Pieces of prime Scottish steak.

Cows ears
100% natural no other added ingredients.

Beef knees

'Doggy gobstopper' - The toughest bone on the market.

Gourmet Smoked Chicken Sausages

These delicious sausages are made with 70% human grade chicken.

Gourmet Liver Sausages

Top quality beef liver and chicken sausages all made with 70% meat and and contain only human grade materials.

Duck Feet

Top quality British duck feet

Dogs should be supervised while enjoying chewy treats and please make sure fresh water is available .