Good food - Not junk food !

We are delighted to now be stocking natures menu dog food and can offer lots of advice and support on raw feeding. 'Natural' has become a bit of a buzz-word in the pet industry. Look around and you will see a huge variety of products and a sea of marketing messages all trying to convince us that highly processed foods are 'natural'. Take a look at natures menu, Go beyond the hype, apply a common sence back- to- basics natural approach. You will see genuine benefits from feeding your dog raw. 
                        What is RAW feeding ? 
Raw feeding is really about feeding a variety of fresh ingredients.
  • Really good quality meats with raw bones
  • A variety of simple fruits and vegetables
  • Occasionally including a single source of non-starchy wholegrain
  • Make up the meals yourself
  • Or, feed your pooch the ready made complete and balanced raw meals ! 

How to feed the raw diet. Our dogs and cats' bodies are designed to digest and thrive on raw meat. It's our job to create delicious, balanced and easy to serve recipes so that they can enjoy this delicious diet at home every day Just choose an option and start your journey into the wonderful world of raw feeding! Option 1: Complete and BalancedOur personal favourite. Natures Menu Complete and Balanced raw meals and nuggets, which include the Country Hunter Raw Superfood, Complete and Balanced Raw Meals ,Complete and balanced nuggets  and of course the Complete and Balanced Nuggets for Cats ranges are DEFRA, PFMA and veterinary approved to be a complete food, offering your pet their daily nutritional needs in one simple, easy to serve product.
No weighing, mixing or mess, just thaw and serve. Perfect for busy people who want to feed their dogs and cats the best!Grain free and chicken free options are available for those with sensitive tummies.
 Option 2: Mix and MatchIf you want to make up meals yourself, our Just Meat complementary products are available in free-flow mince or blocks, and provide the meat content of your homemade raw meal. To this you will need to add our Blended Bite Size Fruit and Vegetable Nuggets  or our baked Seriously Mighty Mixer. We recommend a ratio of 80% meat, 20% mighty mixer or 80% meat and 20% blended fruit and vegetable nuggets per meal. 

Option 3: Create Your Own If you would rather add your own fruit, veg and/ or grain to the just meat ranges we recommend that for dogs a meal should be made up of 60% meat, 20% blended vegetables and 20% non-starchy grain such as brown rice or oats and if you wish to go grain free you can give 80% meat and 20% blended fruit and vegetables.  
Give a dog a bone...and the cat, too! We recommend that you also offer bones 1-3 times a week. They provide a fantastic natural source of  nutrients as well as helping to keep teeth clean and provide a calming and super-satisfying chew session for your dog or cat. We also have a number of natural meaty chews such as beef trachea and beef paddywacks which offer many of the nutritional benefits of bones.

View the range here or find out more by visiting our All About Bones page.Want to find out more about the benefits of a raw diet? Read our testimonials.Ready to get started? View our dog transition guide.Back to Advice CentreAdvice centre